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Episode 2 - 802.11ax & LTE comparison - LTEU - 802.11ah

Segment 1 (1:28)

Similarities between 802.11ax & LTE

Segment 2 (19:29)

Competition between LTE-U & WiFi for spectrum 

Segment 3 (27:39)

802.11ah & its benefits

Aerohive Blog for 802.11ax info with David Coleman 

Episode 1 - Mobile Wireless - 6 GHz - 2019 Predictions

Segment 1: (1:30)

Mobile Wireless Mapping Data Investigation -

Segment 2: (18:50)

FCC 6 GHz NPRM official -

FCC 6 GHz NPRM summary (Wi-Fi NOW version) - 

Segment 3: (31:20)

2019 Predictions

Guaranteed: Tauni- More consolidation & acquisitions in the enterprise WLAN market space /  Scott- 11ax will be approved and clients will hit the market

Possible: Tauni- 11ax won’t be ratified / Scott- More consolidation in the enterprise WLAN market space

Extreme longshot: Tauni- Higher level wireless attacks (such as KRACK in 2018) will create lots of security issues /  Scott- 6 GHz becomes available for use but is restricted to 11ax devices only

Closing Segment: (42:50)

WIFIQ Goodbye -

Episode 0 - Getting to know your hosts

We don't really have any show notes for this episode quite frankly, because we told you everything you could possibly want to know about us already! However, if you must have more information about us, browse over to our 'Meet the Hosts' page or send us a tweet! Until next time world!

Scott - @theITrebel     Tauni- @tauniodia